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MCAP®: Lower Total Installed Costs

Lower Total Installed Cost

MCAP® and HCF MCAP® cables can reduce your branch circuit makeup and cable installation time by up to 30 percent. With a built-in ground, there's no need to individually ground electrical devices. So installers can complete jobs faster and more profitably than with time-consuming pipe-and-wire installations.

The patented cable design makes the armor equivalent to the green copper ground in conventional MC. The interlocked armor throughout the entire cable length. Installers simply cut off the aluminum ground flush with the armor, and then install listed fittings to bond the cable to the electrical box.

These UL-listed and NEC-compliant cables are shipped in protective shrink-wrap packaging that guards against dirt, minimizes tangling and provides for easy identification of wire guage and 120 or 277 volt conductor colors.

Since good contact has to be maintained between the armor and aluminum ground throughout the length of the cable, it has a smaller diameter than conventional MC cable. Anticipating contractor demand for the new cable, manufacturers are introducing new rotary cutters and fittings.

MCAP® and HCF MCAP® can be used wherever AC or MC products are permitted. It will initially be available in 14-10 AWG conductor sizes, in solid or stranded conductors, and in 120 277 volt conductors colors.

Product Specifications

MCAP® Type MC.pdf (1.34mb)
HCF MCAP® Type MC (1.25mb)