/images/MCAPforRetail_rdax_60x40.jpg/images/southwire_100x70.jpgIncrease Productivity... Increase Safety... Lower Total Installed Costsincrease-productivity-safety-lower-installed-costs.htmIt's simple with Southwire's HCF MCAP Cable.
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Increase Productivity... Increase Safety... Lower Total Installed Costs

Rarely can you find a product that can increase installation productivity, increase safety, and lower total installed costs.  It is even more rare to be able to obtain the aforementioned benefits without having to pay a premium or some price increase over the conventional products.   Southwire’s HCF MCAP® cable is an example of one of those extremely rare instances.

Increase Productivity 

  • Single covering to remove versus paper covering over each insulated conductor
  • Anti-short bushings are not required on HCF MCAP cable 
  • Less securing and supporting – 6 feet for HCF MCAP cable per NEC Section 330.30 versus 4.5 feet for HCF AC cable per NEC Section 320.30 
  • Multiple neutral and homerun cables are now possible – HCF MCAP cable has no conductor limit versus HCF AC cable which is limited to 4-current-carrying conductors max


Increase Safety – Improved Grounding Performance


  • HCF MCAP cables offer a significantly better armor ground path than conventional HCF Type AC cables – over 350% better for 12 AWG cable and over 500% better for 10 AWG cable
  • HCF MCAP cable utilize a full-sized ground/bond wire (strip) sized per NEC Table 250.122, which increases based on the conductor size, to bond the armor making it suitable for use as an equipment grounding conductor… HCF AC cable uses a 16 AWG bond wire (strip) regardless of the conductor size



Lowers Total Installed Costs

The use of conventional healthcare facilities cable, HCF Type AC cable can reduce total installed costs for normal branch circuit wiring in healthcare facilities by 50% compared to pipe and wire.  The use of HCF MCAP, Type MC cable can further reduce the total installed cost by reducing the time it takes to terminate HCF cable by approximately 2 minutes per cable or more.  Additionally HCF MCAP cable requires less securing and support which reduces both material and installation costs.  Finally, you can utilize multiple neutral homerun cables with separate neutrals per phase to further increase the savings over traditional pipe and wire installations.