/images/buttons/SIMpullPhotoGallery_button.jpg/images/Commercial_MainImage_SIMpull3.jpgSIM Technology® ProductsSIMTechnologyProduct.htmThanks to Southwire’s patented SIM (Slikqwik® Infused Membrane) jacket, SIM Technology products are NoLube® and require only half of the pulling effort of pre-existing cable products.
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SIM Technology® Products

Revolutionary SIM Technology®
Installations Made Simple

Our patented SIM (Slikqwik® Infused Membrance) Technology®, first developed in 2004 and debuted in Romex® SIMpull® cable, has become an integral part of Southwire’s product line. It all started with the goal to improve NM usage by making it easier to pull and to reduce labor costs. What followed was a revolutionary grade of NM and a new way of pulling wire. 

Shortly after the launch of Romex® SIMpull® cable, we introduced SIMpull THHN® cable to the market.  Not long thereafter, we followed up with an aluminum alternative.  Now, with SIMpull THHN® cable with AlumaFlex® conductors, contractors have a lighter weight, lower cost alternative.  To date, our SIM Technology products include Romex® SIMpull® cable, SIMpull THHN® cable (in both copper and aluminum), SIMpull XHHW-2® cable (copper in standard colors), and SIMpull® Power Cable. 

SIM Technology® products have revolutionized the way wire is pulled into conduit, and in the process has gained industry-wide acceptance among users. Touted as the Faster, Cleaner, Safer solution, our SIM Technology® cable is proving every day that it can be pulled without lubricant. All thanks to Southwire’s patented SIM (Slikqwik® Infused Membrane) Technology®. It’s no wonder contractors are now insisting on SIM Technology® products, confident that SIM Technology® cable continues to hold true to its claim of durability and tear resistance without the use of pulling lubricants. Here’s what it can do for you:

Faster Installs

When you don’t use lubricant, you have less set up and clean up time, and you have less material and equipment than a typical “lubed” pull.  SIMpull THHN® cable virtually eliminates horse-collaring, reducing nylon tears and time required to replace and/or repair damaged conductors.  SIMpull THHN® cable pulls faster than traditional THHN because less tension allows the tugger to speed up, and installers are simply feeding the cable in rather than applying lubrication.  Sequential footage markers reduce waste and installation time while an improved print legend identifies the cable as NoLube® and reduces installation errors. 

Cleaner Handling

Applying lubrication to pull wire through conduit is a dirty job.  NoLube® SIM Technology cable products offer a clean solution resulting in a cleaner job site.   Since there is no lubricant to spill into the panel box, you have no clean up.  Additionally, conductors are clean at the end of the pull and can be terminated immediately.  With no lubricant to set or harden, a job can be temporarily halted mid-run and re-started at any time. And, let’s not forget the environmental advantages.  NoLube® cable means fewer waste products, such as buckets, bottles, cardboard and rags, on a job. 

Safer Job Site

Eliminate the lubricant and you eliminate the danger that traditionally comes with installing standard cable.  Installers no longer have to worry about the risk of their hands being pulled into the conduit when applying lubricant. Gone are the concerns of slip and fall accidents due to lubricant dripped on the floor, when working in overhead pull boxes, and in cold environments.  Bold colors reduce the chances of crossing phase conductors.  NoLube® SIM Technology cable has made these risks a concern of the past.