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SCR Technologies

Support, Commitment, Results…that’s SCR

If you are producing continuous cast copper or aluminum rod, you already know Southwire's name. Southwire Company, LLC has been an innovator and technology leader in copper rod manufacturing since the 1960s. 

Today, Southwire's SCR systems provide more than half of copper rod continuous-casting capacity in the world. 

There is a good reason. We are the only equipment manufacturer that produces electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper rod and aluminum EC and alloy rod every day using our own equipment. We started using our continuous-casting systems in our own wire-making business in 1965.

From the very beginning, we have been improving our systems for lower-cost production, high reliability and simplified operation - and sharing that knowledge with our customers.

When you buy an SCR system from Southwire, you have more than just proven machinery with a wide range of options. You receive state-of-the-art technology, complete training and continuing technical support. When you buy an SCR copper rod system from Southwire, you also have access to the experience and continuing improvements of nearly 80 other SCR users, through the SCR Technology Pool. 

The SCR system makes you competitive when you install it. It will also keep you competitive as markets and technologies change.