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VR2 Makes Vibration Resistant Installation Easy

Southwire's newly launched dual-conductor construction eliminates bagging in vibration-resistant cable installations.

Utilities that deal with aeolian vibration, ice storms and ice galloping are giving a warm reception to a new form of dual-conductor vibration-resistant cable from Southwire: VR2.

“VR2 delivers the performance you need while offering the easiest installation of vibration-resistant cable on the market today,” says Stephen Spruell, Southwire product development manager.

VR2 solves the bagging problem
For years, the standard product for vibration and galloping situations has been cables made up of two individual stranded conductors twisted together, typically referred to as T2. These dual-conductor cables often separate during installation. Working out the bags in the conductors can drive up labor costs and delay schedules.

Two years in design, VR2's patent-pending construction holds individual conductors together during installation. The cable design also offers the ultimate in aeolian vibration and wind- and ice-related galloping resistance without causing bagging and installation problems.

Reduce wind loads, use standard calculations and hardware
Field studies and computer analysis show VR2 delivers equal to or better resistance to aeolian vibration and wind- and ice-related galloping than traditional dual-conductor constructions.

VR2 works with the same installation and mounting hardware that traditional dual-conductor cables use. And, sag calculations for standard conductors work for VR2.

VR2 installations go quickly
To evaluate the new design, Interstate Power and Light, an Alliant Energy company, installed VR2 side-by-side with traditionally-constructed dual-conductor cable on different phases of a three-phase line. The new VR2 went up without a single hitch. “The difference was like night and day,” says Kent Sodawasser, IPL project manager.

VR2 is available now, in sizes from 2 x #4 up to 2 x 477 kcmil “We have shipped over 1 million pounds of VR2 and we have another 700,000 lbs on the books,” Spruell says.

“This product represents the next generation in vibration-resistant cables,” says Spruell. “It is another example of Southwire innovation with immediate benefits in the field. All of Southwire’s dual-conductor cables will be using the new VR2 construction. We have long-range plans to explore development in even larger sizes.”