/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/Intelligent_grid_300x250.jpgIntelligent Gridintelligent-grid.htmSouthwire Intelligent Grid solutions is the remote monitoring of transmission line parameters in real-time for use in ratings calculations. An economical way to gain situational awareness over a wide area, ensuring regulatory compliance.
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Intelligent Grid

Created to fulfill a need. Designed to improve reliability.

Intelligent Grid Solutions from SouthwireAs our first Intelligent Grid solutions product, the remote monitoring system provides real-time transmission line calculations and ratings. The system is an economical way to gain situational awareness over a wide area, allowing utility companies to operate at a higher capacity. Now, you can know what’s happening on your power system at all times to maintain clearances and NERC compliance.

The remote monitoring system features a series of sensors and weather nodes placed throughout a transmission line system. Sensors measure conductor temperature, angle of inclination and line current. Weather nodes collect up-to-date weather and nearby atmospheric conditions. The sensors and weather nodes transmit recorded data to a base station, which aggregates and transmits the information through a cellular network.

The Southwire Intelligent Grid remote monitoring system is a tested and proven technology, backed by over 10 years of research and development. Each system is customized to account for a region’s weather, environment and topography. Now, you can operate more safely, reliably and efficiently from virtually anywhere.