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VELCO - Bay Road / Ferry Road Project Profile

High Voltage Solutions®

PROJECT: Queens City New Haven

CUSTOMER: Vermont Transco, LLC


CABLE: 2500 kcmil Cu Segmental with laminate foil
Copper sheath

ACCESSORIES: 16 Terminations, 20 Splices



HV Solutions:

There Every Step of the Way

Southwire High Voltage Solutions is your best option for underground transmission. We offer a complete line of cables from 69 kV through 230kV, and we are proud to be North America’s exclusive supplier of nkt Cable’s complete line of high voltage cable accessories for 69 to 345 kV. Southwire HV Solutions is with you every step of the way, from engineering support, on-site project
management, installation tools, equipment and support, and testing. 

Installation Services Include:

• Team of highly skilled and factory certified installation technicians
• Splicing and terminating services
• Emergency and repair services
• Complete cable installation tools and equipment
• Complete accessory installation tools
• Installation quality control documentation