/images/buttons/TDU_thumbnail.GIF/images/southwire_100x70.jpgSureSeal® Sets 600V UD Reliability Standardsureseal-sets-600v-ud-reliability-standard.htmMillions of feet of cable shipments are proof that Southwire's SureSeal® has come of age in the 600V UD market.
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SureSeal® Sets 600V UD Reliability Standard

Millions of feet of cable shipments are proof that Southwire's SureSeal® has come of age in the 600V UD market.

Utility cable specifiers are understandably conservative when it comes to new products. They have to have reliability. It takes a lot of consumer confidence to bring a new-to-the-industry product from introduction to millions of feet of cable shipped each year. The reliability that Southwire's SureSeal® cables bring to 600V underground distribution has generated that kind of acceptance.

"Southwire developed SureSeal specifically to respond to reliability problems in 600V underground distribution," says Tim Poore, regional sales manager for Southwire Energy Division's Atlantic region. "Utilities are noticing – and benefitting - from the results."

SureSeal seals insulation damage

Minor insulation damage is the beginning of many buried 600V cable failures. Damage during installation, damage from adjacent utility work, homeowner damage, and damage caused by voltage surges are all common routes to cable failure. SureSeal technology reseals minor insulation damage before it can become an actual failure site. SureSeal cables use bonded inner and outer layers of ruggedized cross-linked polyethylene insulation. Channels between the layers hold a unique visco-elastic material that flows into the damaged areas of the insulation and re-seals them.

SureSeal's effectiveness and acceptance by utilities is measured by the 69 million feet of cable Southwire has shipped to date. Applications include underground secondary distribution, street light applications, agricultural applications, and general 600V underground service.

Reliability improvements deliver real-world savings

SureSeal's reliability shows up in real-world savings. In a 2011 study, the independent National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC) analyzed several years of installation footage and cable failure data from a large utility. A sharp drop in maintenance and failure rates pinpointed the timing of the utility's conversion to SureSeal.

Southwire delivers SureSeal in single-conductor, duplex, triplex, and quadruplex constructions. Specifiers can choose aluminum conductor sizes from #6 up to 500kcmil.

"The SureSeal design is a patented Southwire exclusive," says Poore. "SureSeal is another example of Southwire responding to customer needs for streamlined, cost-cutting installation methods that improve reliability."

SureSeal® is a registered trademark of Southwire Company.