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Simplify PILC Replacement

Southwire’s new solution, DensFlexTM MV, is great for replacements in aging urban environments

Replacement of aging paper-insulated, lead-covered (PILC) medium-voltage (MV) cables is a growing issue for many utilities as existing installations fail at increasing rates and the availability of PILC cables has decreased. Southwire engineering has simplified the technical challenges of replacing outdated PILC cables with the new compact DensFlex™ MV.

“PILC was a good technology in its day. But many installations have far outlasted their predicted service life and now require upgrades,” says Joe McAuliffe, Senior Product Engineer for Southwire’s Energy Division. “Southwire has years of experience with PILC replacement designs, and is now adding two additional capabilities for difficult PILC replacement situations: EPR insulation and triplexed cable architecture in our DensFlex MV cable.”

Technology upgrades will meet challenges

When it comes time to replace PILC cable, utilities and engineers face several challenges including space restrictions and capacity requirements. PILC cables were typically constructed from three copper triangular (sector) phase conductors combined to form a round cable, having a smaller diameter than that of modern round conductor extruded cables. Aging ducts in PILC systems are often small, in bad condition and filled with debris that can make pulling in new cables challenging. Also the typically small manholes in PILC systems make working with extruded-insulation cables and splices more difficult.

Compared to today’s technology, PILC has higher operating losses and limited operating temperatures resulting in lower capacity capabilities. With growing energy demands across the nation, new installations need to meet the additional capacity requirements while still maintaining the smaller size parameters to fit the in existing infrastructure. These challenges are just a few that a replacement cable design needs to address. Southwire has solutions.

Southwire expertise advancing compact solutions

Southwire has a wealth of experience in PILC replacement applications, and the new DensFlex MV is specifically engineered to meet these needs. Usher in modern cable technology to your existing duct infrastructure with increased efficiencies and lower losses. Conductor sizes range from 4/0 AWG to 1000 kcmil (and larger if necessary). Contact Southwire today to learn more.