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Integrated Sentry CIC Manufacturing Benefits Customers - 2009

If you use cable in conduit (CIC), you know its benefits for underground distribution. CIC allows for damage-free, one-step installations and easy cable upgrades later. Now, Southwire is making the manufacturing process more efficient.

"Traditionally, CIC providers bought components, assembled them in house, and then shipped the finished product to a final destination. The transfer process drove up costs for fuel, labor, time, and potential damage in transit," says Michael Tribble, Southwire's underground protective products manager.

Integrated Manufacturing From a Trusted Partner
Southwire now manufactures both the conduit and the cable for Southwire Sentry CIC. "Integrating the operation reduces transportation costs, improves manufacturing, and boosts supply chain efficiency. That keeps costs down for Southwire and benefits our customers," Tribble says. This new product integration also creates jobs in Southwire's Carrollton plant, adding to the company's long-term stability.

Get What You Need, When You Need It
Almost any Southwire primary or secondary UD conductor can go into Sentry CIC, which is available in a wide range of HDPE conduit sizes ranging from 3/4" through 3". Southwire stocks nearly 70 different SKUs of Sentry CIC and shipments come from warehouses across the country to ensure prompt delivery to your job site. Sentry CIC orders can also be customized to your specifications: unlike other vendors that frequently require a minimum order, Southwire Sentry CIC has no minimum order quantity - so purchase only as much as you need.

Reel Recovery Partnership Adds Value
Southwire has entered into an exclusive partnership with Sonoco, producer of much of the steel and wooden reels used throughout the industry. Sonoco will pick up Sentry CIC steel reels at no cost to the customer for refurbishing and recycling. This hassle-free system reduces waste and reel build-up at utilities. Sonoco can even customize a recycling program to fit Sentry CIC customer's needs. Southwire is the only manufacturer offering a full line of electrical cable products plus cable in conduit. "Sentry CIC protects the power within," says Tribble.