/images/buttons/TDU_thumbnail.GIF/images/southwire_100x70.jpgPut More Ampacity in Existing Pipes, Squeeze Installation Costsput-more-ampacity-in-existing-pipes-squeeze-installation-costs.htmDensFlex™ MV cables and PowerGlide® jackets help urban utilities pack more power into existing duct banks.
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Put More Ampacity in Existing Pipes, Squeeze Installation Costs

DensFlex™ MV cables and PowerGlide® jackets help urban utilities pack more power into existing duct banks.

Adding urban power capacity can be a challenge for utilities. Existing conduits in metropolitan areas may be small and deteriorating with age. Installing new duct banks can be prohibitively expensive. Southwire has solutions for increasing capacity with existing conduits.

"Installing high-capacity, reduced-diameter cables from the DensFlex™ MV product line can help utilities increase capacity while avoiding costly infrastructure upgrades," says Joe McAuliffe, Senior Product Engineer for Southwire's Energy Division. "And PowerGlide® jacket options can trim installation costs."

DensFlex MV designs deliver maximum power capacity

Southwire engineers work with users to develop DensFlex MV cable designs that provide maximum capacity for each application.

  • Each design factors in allowable voltage stresses, fault-current estimates and expected operating conditions.
  • Compact stranding reduces diameter of the conductor by 9-10 percent over conventional stranding to pack maximum conductor area into available space.
  • Evaluating Voltage stress of the insulation allows the utility engineers to optimize the cable design by enabling the reduction in insulation thickness to, in turn, further reduce the overall cable diameter without impacting the operating characteristics of the cable.
  • Concentric flat-strap neutrals deliver high fault-current capacity while minimizing overall cable diameter.
  • Jacket options include Southwire PowerGlide MV jackets that reduce pulling friction for easier, quicker installs.

PowerGlide jackets ease installation

Southwire's PowerGlide jackets incorporate a proprietary additive that brings the surface coefficient of friction (COF) down to the level of standard jackets coated with pulling lubricant. That reduces both labor and overall installation time.

  • During pulling, no extra labor is needed to apply lubricant to the cable.
  • COF of the cable is consistent throughout the entire length of the cable. No dry points where the friction can be higher.
  • After the pull, there is no time-consuming cleanup to take care of spilled lubricant.
  • In addition, since the lubricant is part of the jacket itself, PowerGlide jackets retain their slickness, so cable removal in the future will be easier also.

PowerGlide PVC and LLDPE jackets are available on any Southwire MV cables.

"DensFlex MV designs and PowerGlide jackets are just part of Southwire response to real-world customer needs," McAuliffe says. For more information, click here or contact your Southwire representative.