/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/southwire_100x70.jpgNERC Wants Operators to Rein in Real-Life Sagnerc-wants-operators-to-rein-in-real-life-sag.htmSag under actual field conditions may exceed the calculated safety envelope. Reconductoring with HS285® may be the solution.
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NERC Wants Operators to Rein in Real-Life Sag

It’s a scorching summer day without a hint of breeze. Every air conditioner is on “high.” Are your transmission lines sagging outside the safety envelope? NERC, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, wants operators to find out so they can make any needed corrections.

Remediation should improve the system

If the difference between design and actual field conditions exceeds the design tolerances defined in the FRM, NERC is calling for remediation within one year. The NERC alert states, “consideration should be given to optimizing the overall robustness and reliability of the bulk power system during the remediation period.” Utilities should go beyond just fixing the immediate problem; they should strive to make the system stronger.

Choosing a remediation path may require detailed analysis. If simple fixes don’t do enough, reconductoring may deliver cost-effective sag reduction and capacity benefits. Proper conductor choice can increase robustness and reliability with little or no structure modification.

Southwire’s ultra-high-strength ACSS solution HS285™ can provide just that. HS285 delivers much less sag than traditional ACSR and handles continuous operating temperatures up to 250°C. Reconductoring with HS285 can yield 150 to 200 percent capacity increases without changing structures.

Southwire provides sag solutions

“Southwire has been delivering solutions to the utility market since 1950,” Lancaster says. More than just a conductor manufacturer, Southwire offers installation training and assistance, experienced design and technical support teams and access to the latest conductor technologies. Contact your local Southwire sales representative for more information on any of Southwire’s solutions.