/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/southwire_100x70.jpgKansas Co-op Fights Ice with VR2®kansas-co-op-fights-ice-with-vr2.htmSouthwire’s dual-conductor VR2® beats the twisted-pair installation problem.
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Kansas Co-op Fights Ice with VR2®

Southwire’s dual-conductor VR2 beats the twisted-pair installation problem.

Pioneer Electric Cooperative in Ulysses, Kansas, knows about ice and the challenges it can bring to electrical transmission and distribution. Ulysses is in a heavy ice-loading zone, and the winds blowing steadily across the plains bring big problems of Aeolian vibration and ice galloping. When Pioneer needed an advanced, easy-to-install solution for those problems, they turned to Southwire’s patented VR2® dual-conductor vibration-resistant conductors.

“We’ve been using twisted-pair conductors since 1991, and we know the architecture is highly resistant to galloping,” says Mike Haney, operations supervisor for Pioneer Electric. “In a terrible winter storm in 2006, we lost 3,800 poles and over a thousand miles of conductors, but no twisted-pair conductors hit the ground."

VR2 goes up easily

During installation of traditional twisted-pair conductors, when it is pulled into place the conductors can separate and sag apart. “You can spend thousands of dollars in labor jacking out the bagging that occurs,” says Haney.

When the team at Pioneer electric heard about the ease-of-installation of Southwire’s dual-conductor VR2 in 2009 and installed their first runs in the spring of that year.

“All twisted-pair is not the same,” Haney says. “The way Southwire’s dual-conductor VR2 is constructed, the conductors stay together during installation making it much easier to handle. That’s important.”

Pioneer has now installed over nine million feet of VR2, in sizes from twin 4/0 AWG conductors to twin #2 AWG conductors with operating voltages of typically 13.2 kV.

Get long lengths and large conductors

“Southwire can deliver VR2 in industry-leading sizes and run lengths,” says Stephen Spruell, Southwire Director of Product Development. The larger sizes bring VR2’s ice galloping and vibration resistant benefits to high-capacity grid applications. Longer run lengths squeeze installation costs by reducing multiple-reel handling time. And, VR2 cable can be strung to the maximum allowable tension limits without additional vibration protection.

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