/images/buttons/TDU_thumbnail.GIF/images/southwire_100x70.jpgInnovative Engineering Meets Unique Needs of World's Largest Solar Power Projectinnovative-engineering-meets-unique-needs-of-worlds-largest-solar-power-project.htmSouthwire supplying both custom-designed and catalog-ready cables.
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Innovative Engineering Meets Unique Needs of World's Largest Solar Power Project

Southwire supplying both custom-designed and catalog-ready cables.

The world's largest solar power project uses thousands of steerable parabolic mirrors called heliostats to concentrate energy from the sun on tower-mounted receivers. When fully operational, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California's Mojave Desert will deliver 370 megawatts of cost-competitive solar power to the California grid.

The cables powering and controlling the thousands of heliostats need to be custom-engineered for the scale of this project. "Southwire's innovative cable engineering plays a key part in this renewable energy installation," says Randy Butler, Southwire national sales manager for renewable energy. The cables had to combine low voltage power conductors and shielded, twisted-pair data conductors in a single armored and jacketed construction.

Customer specification, engineering and UL listing moved quickly

"We went through several iterations of the specifications with the customer before settling on a final design," says Charles Holcombe, Southwire senior product development engineer. "The application called for a design that would be UL listed for oil resistance, sunlight resistance, and have high mechanical strength for crush resistance."

"With Southwire's Cofer Technology Center capabilities, we were able to complete the bulk of the specification and design process in just a few months," Holcombe says. The Cofer Technology Center also has the capability to do testing that is accepted directly by UL. "That significantly decreased the UL listing processing time for the new cable design," says Holcombe.

Southwire is currently in production on an order of more than one million feet of the custom-designed heliostat cable, with first deliveries scheduled for late February.

Southwire's diverse product line delivers total renewable power support

"Besides innovative engineering, Southwire is supplying the Ivanpah project with a range of catalog items including underground high voltage and medium voltage cables," Butler says. Southwire has already delivered over 50,000 feet of 115kV, 1250 kcmil underground high voltage cable and 40,000 feet of 35kV direct-burial medium voltage cable to the project.

For more information on Southwire's solutions for renewable power, ask your Southwire representative for a Wire and Cable for Renewable Power Catalog or visit www.Southwire.com.