/images/TDUpdate2.gif/images/southwire_100x70.jpgUnderground High-Voltage Offering Feeds a Growing - 2005UndergroundHiVoltageOfferingFeedsAGrowingApril2005.htmMore and more HV transmission is going underground. Southwire is expanding its products and services to meet the growing need.
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Underground High-Voltage Offering Feeds a Growing - 2005

Underground High-Voltage Offering Feeds a Growing Market

More and more HV transmission is going underground. Southwire is expanding its products and services to meet the growing need.

Driven by limited rights-of-way, regulatory compliance and aesthetic issues, energy transmission up to 345kV is going underground at an ever-increasing rate. But joining that trend can create challenges for utilities attempting to design, source, and install specialized underground high-voltage systems for the first time - or the tenth. To meet those challenges, many utilities are turning to Southwire for assistance.

"To meet the growing need for underground high-voltage - and overhead-underground hybrid installations - Southwire is expanding its product line for high-voltage solutions and services," says Axel Schlumberger, general manager for Southwire's HV solutions. "We're offering an increased range of conductor sizes, operating voltages, and construction features."

Solid Dielectric Transmission Cables are engineered to meet project requirements

Southwire offers a wide range of HV components and services

Southwire's HV offerings - formerly marketed under the Forte Power Systems name - include components, design, installation and maintenance services, plus complete turn-key solutions for underground systems up to 345kV. These offerings are backed by the 50-year history of reliability and performance of Southwire's Energy Division.
At the component level, HV system designers can look to Southwire for cable, terminations and splices, as well as auxiliary accessories, including hardware and grounding equipment. In partnership with nkt cables of Germany, Southwire supplies high-reliability HV accessories using pre-molded silicone rubber technology.

Southwire can supply cable for applications from 69kV to 345kV, in conductor sizes up to 5,000kcmil with a variety of design options to meet customer needs. Available specialty cable constructions include reduced-wall designs for retro-fitting HPFF systems as well as DTS fibers and laminated-sheaths with lighter weight, smaller diameter and greater flexibility.

World-class engineering expertise makes underground HV successful

"In the last few years, we've put in 280,000 feet of 230kV cable in five installations," says Thomas Novakovic, technical marketing manager. "And we've assembled a world-class team of engineers for high-voltage projects." Southwire HV engineering services can deliver project-cost comparisons, accessory selection, budget planning, and performance calculations for high-voltage and extra-high-voltage systems.

Specialized engineering services include civil engineering, from trench and duct bank design to cable routing, mechanical engineering of installations, and construction project management to ensure that plans are implemented correctly and cost-effectively.

Maintenance on extruded-dielectric HV systems is a specialized task also. Southwire engineers provide expertise in online and offline HV testing, including jacket tests, partial-discharge tests and inspection programs.

Temperature monitoring, internal to the cable or external, either real-time or by periodic checks can establish actual cable loading at any given time, and provide for operational alarms. We can offer 24-hour service for emergency testing and inspection, troubleshooting and repair of damage

Turnkey solutions, such as the fifth-runway project at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport, simplify project management and ongoing operations. Inventory management services can keep track of specialized spares, with stocking capability at Southwire facilities.

Complete solutions from a single source

"Southwire is the only U.S. producer of solid-dielectric XLPE HV cables," Schlumberger points out. "Onshore production lets Southwire offer superior delivery times and customer service, and that can make a big difference in complex projects."