/images/PowerCableUpdate.jpg/images/southwire_100x70.jpgThree Sides to Tech SupportThreeSidestoTechSupport.htmResearch, product development and applications engineering: They all support wire and cable users.
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Three Sides to Tech Support

Research, product development and applications engineering: They all support wire and cable users.

When Southwire solves a tricky power cable application problem for you, or delivers a new product that saves time or reduces operation costs, you’re getting the benefit of an interactive triangle of expertise.

“Three different activities contribute to Southwire’s customer solutions,” says Vince Kruse, director of Southwire’s Cofer Technology Center. “Our research, product development, and applications engineering people work closely with each other to deliver innovative, cost-effective answers to customer needs.”

Solutions begin with research

The link between real-world customer needs and practical solutions starts with advanced research. Cofer Center researchers – including metallurgists, polymer chemists, and electrical engineers – watch many industries for emerging technologies that may meet customer needs. They also support product development and applications engineers with specialized expertise.

Cofer Center testing helps ensure that Southwire products meet or exceed industry and governmental requirements. Cofer Center capabilities include flame testing facilities, a complete mechanical testing facility, and a world-class metallurgy lab for chemical and physical analysis of materials.

“Our objective is to deliver innovation that positively affects the bottom line of our customers,” says Kruse. “That goal drives our research strategy.”

Product development is a corporate activity

At Southwire, product development is really a corporate effort. Marketing helps track emerging customer trends. Cofer Center research monitors technological trends and aids Development. Southwire Development focuses on customer needs and creates products that meet those needs, while Operations and Manufacturing assist to ensure cost-effectiveness of the ultimate design. The result: products that serve customers effectively and reliably.

Applications engineering brings it all together

Southwire applications engineers answer two questions that help prevent cable problems: Will this product work in this application? What product should I use for this purpose? Frequently those questions come directly from customers.

Cofer Center specialists help complete the triangle of expertise with answers to specialized questions like, “Can we use this jacket compound in a caustic environment?” or, “This cable was exposed to gasoline. Is that a problem?” And, if an application problem has already happened, Southwire applications engineers pack their bags for trouble-shooting in the field.

Southwire application engineers also deliver best-practices training to customer and industry groups, and are now revising and updating Southwire’s industry-leading Power Cable Manual and Transmission and Distribution Manual. These are the people who know the gritty details of making wire and cable work in real customer situations.

Everyone participates in customer support

Southwire engineers from all three sides of the support triangle help keep Southwire an industry leader. They deliver IEEE papers, work on NEC code panels, and keep Southwire qualified to meet requirements for UL’s demanding Certified Client Testing program. That’s a solid foundation for knowledgeable, up-to-date answers to customer questions.

“Southwire has been a technology leader in the industry for decades,” Kruse says. “In the end, our goal is to help our customers operate more reliably and with lower total cost of ownership. That’s the best kind of support.”