/images/TDUpdate2.gif/images/southwire_100x70.jpgThese Wires Cover the Ground - 2004TDWiresCoverNov2004.htmProtected ground wire eliminates conduit and moldings on utility poles.
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These Wires Cover the Ground - 2004


Protected ground wire eliminates conduit and moldings on utility poles.

Running a copper grounding wire down a utility pole is a simple concept, but the installation can be a little more complicated. Southwire helps make that simpler.

“To enhance public safety, some states – such as California – require that pole grounding wires be protected mechanically,” says Nick Ware, technical director of Southwire’s Energy Division. “Working with one of our utility customers, Southwire has developed a cost-effective, time-saving answer for that need: Protected Ground Wire.

Typical solutions for protecting a ground-wire include running it through PVC conduit or under an oak molding. Both of those protection methods require time-consuming additional installation steps. Southwire’s Protected Ground Wire offers all the required protection, and is much easier to install than either conduit or molding.

Conduit-level protection in a wire covering
Protected Ground Wire incorporates conduit-level protection into the wire covering. Southwire engineers designed a rugged, sunlight-resistant covering that meets all the required conduit tests for crush and mechanical protection. And, since the wire can simply be stapled to a wooden pole, it’s very quick to install.

The covering of Protected Ground Wire is 110 mils of UV-resistant, black low-density polyethylene. Sunlight resistance of the covering is  expected to exceed 50 to 75 years. This heavy wall thermoplastic covering withstands the impact requirements for PVC Schedule 80 conduit without splitting, and impulse breakdown on undamaged cables typically exceeds 200kV, after bending the wire in a 2-inch diameter circle. Even after impact testing, impulse breakdown typically exceeds 100kV.


Use Protected Ground Wire for transformer connections, too
Protective Ground Wire is available in conductor sizes AWG 8, 6, and 4. A soft copper solid conductor enhances flexibility and allows easy training. Protected Ground Wire is also suitable for use as a covered overhead transformer lead or transformer-bank buss wire.

Protected Ground Wire provides high levels of physical protection and meets or exceeds:
• ASTM Standard B3 for Soft or Annealed Copper Wire
• NEMA TC-2 impact requirements
• Lightning impulse breakdown typically exceeding 1,100 V/Mil measured per IEEE 82.

“This is a simple product for a straightforward application, but it saves measurable time and money.” says Ware. “And it’s another example of Southwire response to a specific customer need.”

More information on Southwire’s Protected Ground Wire is available in the Southwire online product catalog, at http://www.southwire.com/.

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