/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/southwire_100x70.jpgSouthwire Alliance Partnerships Benefit the IndustrySouthwireAlliancePartnershipsBenefitTheIndustry.htmSpecialized engineering and process-improvement analysis benefits all Southwire customers
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Southwire Alliance Partnerships Benefit the Industry

Specialized engineering and process-improvement analysis benefits all Southwire customers

Southwire enters into Alliance Partnerships with key customers who are willing to commit to a long-term relationship (typically five years or more). Alliance partners work closely with Southwire to improve efficiency and share overall cost benefits.

“The long-term commitment makes it practical to work very closely with these customers,” says Joe McAuliffe, Southwire Senior Product Engineer. In these close relationships, Southwire staff can talk directly with operations and planning personnel to become familiar with the customer’s processes and product use.

Close relationships foster efficient operations

The Southwire team looks for problems and inefficiencies and then determines how they can help. Southwire’s specialized expertise in product engineering and cable applications can help cut costs and boost productivity.

For example, a utility may be purchasing standard 1,000-foot reels of cable for general conduit installations. During meetings with planning and operations personnel Southwire learns that the typical conduit runs are only 700 feet long.  This results in 300 feet of cable left on the reel becoming scrap. This waste drives up the actual cost of the installed cable. These costs are typically not counted in the original cable purchase, but they are hard dollars that add to total system costs.

Southwire can help the utility decide whether it makes better economic sense to buy 700-foot reels or instead purchase 1,400-foot reels, which would provide two runs.  In either case, scrap and reel disposal costs are reduced and the overall cost to the utility is reduced. 

A walk through a utility’s warehouse may turn up a large reel with only four turns of conductor on it because that conductor has historically been purchased on a reel. Southwire can help do the analysis of weight and size to see if that length of conductor can be shipped and handled as an open coil, which eliminates the cost of acquiring, storing and disposing of the reel.

Specialized developments become industry standards

Ultimately, all Southwire customers benefit from the specialized work carried out in Alliance relationships. One example is EnviroCoils reeless packaging for 600V cables, originally developed for an Alliance customer. Reeless packaging reduces shipping costs and cuts down on material going into landfills, which is both good for the environment and cuts waste-disposal costs.

McAuliffe concludes, “Southwire’s Alliance commitments allow us to do in-depth process and product engineering that produce improvements to everyone’s benefit.”