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MCAP Engineer Specifications - Division 26

Division 26 – Electrical

Section 26 05 19 – Wire and Cable

Type MC Cable



A. Branch Circuits: Interlocked armor ground Type MC Cable and associated fittings for use as branch circuits.

B. General Applications: Type MC Cable may be used in the following general applications based on the National Electrical Code (NEC):

   1. For services, feeders, and branch circuits
   2. For power, lighting, control, and signal circuits
   3. To be direct buried where identified for such use
   4. Exposed or Concealed
   5. In cable tray where identified for such use
   6. In dry locations and embedded in plaster finish on brick or other masonry except in damp or wet locations


A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s product data that materials comply with specified requirements and are suitable for intended application.

B. Installation Instructions: Manufacturer’s installation instructions shall be included in submittal. Industry guides may supplement the manufacturer’s instructions.

C. Manufacturer: Type MC Cables and wire shall be supplied from a single manufacturer.


A. MC Cable: Type MC Cable shall meet the following:

   1. UL 1569 Standard for Metal-Clad Cables, specifically the provisions of Section 6.1.5A.
   2. UL Standard 83 for Thermoplastic-Insulated Wires and Cables or UL Standard 44 for Thermoset-Insulated Wires and Cables
   3. UL Standard 1479 Standard for Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Firestops.  
   4. UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 Hour Through-Penetration Firestop Systems.