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Good Answers and Good Products

Southwire’s Cofer Center is known for technical support – but a lot more goes on there that also benefits power cable users.

Most Southwire customers know the D. B. Cofer Technology Center as a source of answers for difficult application questions. But since its opening in 1992, the Cofer Center has also housed Southwire’s advanced facilities for research, manufacturing process improvement and product testing. These other Cofer Center operations directly affect the products you buy – or will buy in the future.

In mid-2003, the Cofer Center was reorganized to better serve both short-term and long-term customer needs. The new structure has three operational groups.

  • Product development and support
  • Laboratories and testing
  • Research

Get expert support from product development professionals

If you’re a Southwire customer, you’re most apt to know the Cofer Center engineers on the product development and support team. With highly engineered products like industrial power cable, choosing the right set of options for an application can be complicated. The friendly voice on the telephone, delivering answers when you need them, belongs to an engineer responsible for the detailed design of power cable products.

Cofer Center engineers also support the only facility in North America producing solid-dielectric extra-high-voltage cable, with turnkey installations at up to 230kV.

World-class testing and laboratory operations ensure quality

It takes world-class testing and laboratory work to manufacture and support top-quality power cable. One mark of the level of Cofer Center testing is Southwire’s participation in the UL client-laboratory test program. With this prestigious designation, UL accepts Southwire test results as part of the UL listing process. Rigorous annual audits make sure we’re continuing to meet tough UL testing standards.

Cofer Center labs are also equipped to do industry-accepted qualification testing on cable designs. Flame testing capabilities include limited-smoke tests and gas sampling to identify combustion products. A complete mechanical testing facility complements a world-class metallurgy lab for chemical and physical analysis of materials. Other Cofer Center experts blend, analyze and test existing and new cable insulation compounds.

Long-term research leads to the future

Southwire has been a technology leader in the industry for decades. Under the new organization, Cofer Center researchers focus on long-term, high-risk, high-reward opportunities for products and processes that have a major impact on the industry. Cofer Center researchers do long-term work on manufacturing process improvements, too.

High-temperature superconductor research and development also live at the Cofer Center. Southwire has powered three manufacturing plants with the technology since the beginning of 2000, and current projects include a joint project in Columbus, Ohio that carries 3,000 Amps per phase at 13.2 kV. A new triaxial design moves superconductive power cable closer to commercial deployment.

You may rarely need to call the Cofer Center with a question, but the answers are there.  As a Southwire power cable customer, you get the benefits - now and next year - of Cofer Center expertise.

Contacts: Dave Mercier, Mike Preston, Vince Kruse, David Lindsay