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Southwire Aluminum Rod Systems

Southwire Company, LLC of Carrollton, Georgia, U.S.A. has worldwide experience in thirty-four (34) countries with SCR® aluminum and copper continuous casting and rolling lines. Southwire has produced in excess of 4,800,000 metric tons of Continuous Cast Aluminum Rod in its own plants. The SCR-Aluminum System features unmatched start-up reliability, low operating costs, superior product quality, and different coil weights, with engineering services to match the requirements of the customer. The rugged and durable SCR-Aluminum System promotes efficiency and economy of operation.

Southwire's many years of experience and research in the field of continuous casting and rolling, and Primetals Technologies many years of experience in the design and manufacture of rolling mill equipment are evident in the dependable and versatile SCR-Aluminum System.

The SCR Aluminum Continuous Casting and Rolling System is designed to produce pure electrical conductor grade aluminum rod and alloy conductor grade aluminum rod coils directly from molten metal on a continuous basis. The SCR-Aluminum Systems are designed to produce 9.5 mm diameter rod in level wound coils at a production rate from 2 to 15 metric tons per hour of EC from a properly prepared molten aluminum metal supply.  Additionally, SCR offers Aluminum systems to produce Electrical and Mechanical alloy rod. 

 EC and Electrical Alloys

 Annual Production Range *  

Metric Tons Per Year        


mm2 bar

Metric Tons Per Hour

 5 days/week

 7 days/week




































 *Annual Production Rates Based on EC Productions

Annual Yield Rates for Alloys will depend on product combinations

 EC, Electrical and Mechnical Alloys

 Annual Production Range 

Metric Tons Per Year     


mm2 bar

Metric Tons Per Hour

 5 days/week

 7 days/week