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Southwire Unveils Innovative Cable: SIMpull®

In an effort to simplify residential wiring installations and reduce labor costs, Southwire Company today introduced Romex® SIMpull® -- an innovative, non-metallic, Type NM-B cable with a revolutionary jacket that makes the cable 50-percent easier to pull through walls, floor joists, as well as around corners, unlike any other NM cable currently available.

Because of its advanced design, the cable strips more quickly, while reducing burn-through when pulled across other cables that already are installed. Available exclusively from Southwire, SIMpull also is tear-resistant.

“Innovation and technology are hallmarks of our company,” said Stuart Thorn, Southwire’s president and CEO. “We continue to lead the wire and cable industry with a constant flow of new products and processes. SIMpull carries on that tradition, while making our customers’ jobs easier.”

“In the residential market, no significant technology has been introduced that has made pulling NM cable into wood-frame housing easier and faster – until now,” said Jack Carlson, president of Southwire’s Electrical Division. “We feel electrical contractors will find SIMpull to be a natural fit because of its pulling ease and its increased resilience in the tough conditions of a typical installation.”

Without compromising performance, Southwire designed SIMpull’s (Slikqwik® Infused Membrane) patent-pending jacket system to reduce friction, cutting the amount of force required to pull the cable through wooden joists and rafters and around corners. Addressing a key issue raised by contractors, the Southwire development team designed the cable jacket so installers will find no greasy residue is left on their hands after cable pulls.

What they will find is SIMpull’s resistance to burn-through, which occurs when a cable is pulled across other cables. Friction generated by this process can burn a cable’s jacket and expose its conductors. Independent tests show SIMpull’s jacket system offers improved integrity and resistance to burn-through when subjected to such conditions. In addition, the cable can withstand the rigors of being pulled over rafters or through studs because it meets minimum mechanical strength requirements.

“We conducted multiple sessions with focus groups and even performed demonstrations with a full-scale residential model to get feedback from electrical contractors,” Carlson said. “The results show contractors feel SIMpull is easier to use and substantially can cut their installation time. More than 50 contractors told us they feel SIMpull would incur less damage during installation because of its easy-pulling features.  In essence, what they told us after using SIMpull is ‘wire isn’t wire anymore’.”