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Toys For Tots

For many children, waking up on Christmas morning without any gifts is a stark reality. To brighten the holiday, Southwire collects toys each year for the local Toys for Tots chapter.

Originally, the company conducted internal drives with employees that netted several hundred toys. In 2005, a day long collection drive allowed community members to donate as well.  Project GIFT volunteers now stage a two-day marathon drive open to the community, with a new toy collection goal for each year. Volunteers also give of their time during the week-long distribution process to assist Toys for Tots in reaching their goal of providing a toy for every single child. Last year, with the help of our sponsors, Southwire and members of the community, volunteers collected more than 5,000 toys.

For more information on the toy drive, call the Project GIFT hotline at (770) 832-4729. To speak with a Toys for tots representative, please email carrollcountytft@aol.com.