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Details of Regulatory Actions

Reportable releases in the past 12 months

March 2017 – Florence, AL – A valve was inadvertently left open, and the facility accidentally released approximately 300 gallons of process water (containing approximately 7% water-soluble lubricant) into a roadside drainage ditch.  Upon discovery of the spill, crews put containment equipment in place, and an outside contractor utilized a vacuum truck to remove material from the drainage way.  Southwire reported the discharge to the National Response Commission, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and Local Emergency Planning Committee.  No further action is expected.

February 2017 – Carrollton, GA – Due to a process control system malfunction and subsequent pump failure at the Utility Products plant, approximately 100 gallons of process water were accidentally discharged to Buffalo Creek. Minimal impact to the creek is expected. The controller was repaired and the pump put back into service. Additional preventative and corrective actions are being evaluated. The release was reported to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). No additional follow-up action is expected. 



Letters of Noncompliance (LON), Notices of Violation (NOV), etc. in the past 12 months

March 2017 – Southwire’s Denton, TX plant received a Letter of Non-Compliance from the City of Denton for copper discharges to the sanitary sewer in excess of their permit limit. The plant is investigating the cause of the violation and will take the necessary steps to eliminate the potential for future exceedances. No monetary penalty was issued.

October 2016 – Fontana, CA – Southwire’s Western Energy & OEM customer service center was issued a Notice of violation (NOV) following an inspection conducted by the California Unified Program Agency – San Bernardino County Fire Department (CUPA). The facility was cited for having required elements missing from the site map submitted as part of the facility’s Business Plan.  Southwire updated the map with the required information and submitted CUPA for approval.

September 2016 – Carrollton, GA – Southwire received a Notice of Violation, with no monetary penalty, from the City of Carrollton for failure to make timely submittal of sewer sample test results for August 2016.  The required sampling was performed, but the subcontract laboratory inadvertently failed to submit the report as they normally do.  Southwire worked with the lab to assure that future sewer sample test results are delivered to the City on a timely basis.  

September 2016 – Carrollton, GA – Southwire was assessed a Notice of Violation by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division following 5.82 hours of downtime of the continuous monitoring system for our Waukesha Engines.  The monitoring system downtime occurred due to upset conditions associated with our network and failure of the backup system to capture the required data.  Corrective actions include installing a dedicated fiber optic line to avoid potential network outages and upgrading the memory capacity of the data backup system.  No monetary penalty was issued.

July 2016 – Lafayette, IN – Southwire was issued a Notice of Violation following the failure of a chemical feed pump which allowed high pH water to be discharged to the City of Lafayette sewer system. This situation went unnoticed for a short period of time, due to personnel being on leave. To avoid a possible recurrence, the pump has been replaced and added to the facility preventative maintenance program. Additional personnel have been trained to monitor the pH level and pump operation. Finally, an existing pH controller will be connected to an alarm that will sound an alert before the pH exceeds permit limits.  

April 2016 – Bremen, IN – In 2015, Southwire identified process equipment that had been installed in 2014 without receiving the appropriate approval from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).  Upon learning of this oversight, Southwire submitted the an air application to IDEM and was issued an air permit modification in December 2015.  Subsequently, the facility received a Violation Letter for failing to obtain prior approval for these emission units.  No further action was required and no monetary penalty was assessed.