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Doing Right

Doing Right means that we live up to our values as a company, no matter what.
Periodically reviewing the scope, relevance and accuracy of our policies helps ensure that we are consistently setting the highest standards for business conduct. In 2013, we released the latest update of our code of ethics entitled Do the Right Thing, and all employees were given the opportunity to review the new policy and sign a commitment form agreeing to abide by this code as we conduct ourselves as representatives of Southwire. We have proven ourselves to be transparent to our employees, our customers and our community. We remain consistent in our open communication with our surrounding communities when any environmental concerns arise. Conducting our business with integrity builds and fosters the trust necessary to ensure the continuing and sustainable partnerships we have developed over the years and rely on to deliver quality products to our customers.

 Our Goals  2013 Status
 Governance-Update our code of ethics, expand training and provide annual testing by
end of 2011.
Code of Ethics update completed in 2012. Ethics training was completed for all employees in 2011 and all Carrollton-based employees in 2013. Employees in other locations will be trained in the first quarter of 2014.
 Assurance – Obtain independent, third-party financial audits every year and environmental audits every two years.  Independent financial audit completed in 2012 and 2013. Environmental audit cycle
completed in 2012 and 2013.