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Welcome to The Link

A newsletter about wiring products for OEMs

From As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, you know the business value of streamlining your supply chains. Southwire – and this new newsletter, The Link – can help you do that.

You may not be aware of how many different products and you can get with one-stop shopping from Southwire. One of the functions of The Link is to put you in touch with the business value you can gain with Southwire’s broad product line, packaging options, dependable delivery and consistent quality. The Link is also a place to look for product innovations and industry trends that effect you or your business.

Here are some of the things you’ll find in this first issue: 

· ROHS compliant wire and cable products– and what Southwire can do for you if you’re selling into markets where ROHS compliance is becoming a must-have
· Drum packaging, lead times, and how Southwire can help you with it

From insulated lead-wire singles to metal-clad cables, from flexible cords and irrigation cable to hook up wire, automotive, marine cables, and bare conductors, we hope you’ll find The Link a useful source of product and business information. Pass The Link to your co-workers, and let them know how easily they can get "linked in". 

For more copies of The Link, or to request an additional subscription, contact Mindy_Whaley@Southwire.com