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Southwire Is Committed to OEMs

As President and CEO of Southwire, I am responsible, among other things, for the strategies of our company. One of our most critical strategies is the pursuit of what we like call "Resiliency." As individual cycles coma and go, we can't afford to be too dependent on the roller coaster of any one market. Instead, if we are truly going to e resilient long term, we must be diverse in terms our products, our geographies, and our people.

With that vision in mind, we have in fact been pushing out the boundaries of our core businesses and broadening our company. Today, we hve dynamic positions in Residential Building Wire, Commercial Building Wire, Industrial Cable. Power Cord, Utility Cable, Rod Mill Technology, and OEM markets. We have growing positions in Canada and Mexico, as well as in the U.S. We have accomplished this diversity through bothe organic investments and selected key acquisitions.

Looking forward, we will continue building on this resilient foundation. We are especially excited about our prospects in the OEM space. Southwire's greatest strenth lies in our ability to partner closely with key customers. In every corner of our business, we are recognized as leaders when it comes to this capability, and it has been the common denominator of our success.

Southwire is committed to OEM customers for both wire and rod. The OEM market has become a key part of our core business, and it is an area in which we will continue to invest in and grow. By leveraging our broad capabilities in the context of true customer partnership. Southwire will dynamically cultivate its OEM busines and, as a result, become an even more diversely resilient and successful company.

In short, we at Southwire have a lot to gain from our OEM strategy. However, we know we can only achieve our goals if we do a great job of helping you achieve yours. You are strategic to us, but we need to be equally strategic to you. So, please tell us how we can best serve your needs in a spirit of partnership that will enable us both to become more successful. Rest assured, we'll be listening - and we'll be investing!