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OEMs Spend Less Time in the Harness with NEW MCAP® Type MC Cable

Innovative new MC cable with built-in armor ground speeds both Type MC and Type AC cable projects.

A new form of Type MC cable – MCAP cable from Southwire – promises to reduce OEM wiring harness production time for both MC and AC cable applications.

UL-listed and NEC-compliant, MCAP cable cuts harness makeup time with an innovative built-in armor ground. The armor ground system eliminates the need to make up grounds in every outlet box, luminaire, and panel. That reduces assembly time at every termination. “The ‘AP’ in MCAP stands for All-Purpose, because MCAP cable can be used in both MC and AC applications,” says Richard Temblador, Director Product Development.  There is also a version that meets grounding requirements for health care facilities called HCF MCAP cable.

Conductors are copper, bare ground is aluminum
Copper-conductor MCAP cable puts a full-sized, bare aluminum ground wire in constant contact with the aluminum armor. (See illustration.) That lets the armor serve as an equipment grounding conductor with full UL and NEC compliance. No separate equipment ground connections are needed. MCAP cable may be used wherever either AC or MC cable is permitted, and it is priced at the same competitive levels as AC and standard MC.

Compared to AC cable, MCAP cable requires no anti-short bushings and unlike AC cable, MCAP cable has no limits on the number of conductors in a cable. HCF MCAP cable is the first interlocked armor MC cable that meets NEC requirements for redundant grounding in health care facilities, and HCF MCAP cable has a 350 percent better armor ground path than HCF AC.

Initially available in common sizes
MCAP and HC MCAP cables are initially available in sizes from 14 to 10 AWG, with 120V and 277V conductor colors. Other conductor combination will be coming. Compatible fittings and rotary cutters are already available. You can find a complete listing, as well as comprehensive MCAP and HC MCAP cable installation instructions, at www.southwire.com.

MCAP TM Cable can be used in either MC or AC calb applications