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Let Southwire Help You Streamline Your Supply Chains

Norman Adkins, President, Southwire OEM Division

As president of Southwire’s Original Equipment Manufacturing Division, I want you to know the value Southwire places on the OEM market.

Southwire’s OEM Division is taking its place alongside Southwire’s other two major divisions as a major business focus of our company. Southwire’s Energy Division is an industry leader in cables and conductors for electric utilities and power transmission. Our Electrical Division is a major supplier for commercial builders and industrial operations. The OEM Division supplies the wiring components you need to build your products, and we focus on streamlining your supply chains and logistics so you can run your business more efficiently and more profitably.

Our broad product range is still expanding

We are currently supporting OEM markets including automotive, lighting fixtures, power distribution and control, appliances, and industrial equipment, plus harness manufacturers for all these industries and many more. Our recent acquisition of Noma CableTech operations in Stouffville, Canada lets us offer an even broader selection of flexible full-service wire and cable solutions that meet CSA, UL, and SAE requirements, as well as your custom specifications.

We can help you streamline your supply chain

Combining orders for multiple products from Southwire can save you money in purchasing administration, shipping costs, receiving and inventory control. The supply chain economies mount up.

·        We offer industry leading consistency in quality and specifications, with reliable, on-time delivery.

·        As the largest wire and cable manufacture in North America, we see economies of scale that can help control total costs.

·        Our nationwide network of distribution centers means you’re never far from in-stock products in a wide range of packaging options.

And, because we understand the value of long-term relationships, we offer customized product and inventory solutions that help our OEM customers keep a tight rein on their costs.

Southwire can offer OEMs many business advantages. I invite you to use The Link to learn about them.