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Drums in a Hurry from Southwire

Volume wire users see pluses in drum packaging. Southwire can get them to you quickly.

If your production operation uses large quantities of wire in #10 AWG or smaller sizes, you should know about drum packaging. “For many applications, the inertia-free wire feed of drum packaging is a must-have,” says Norman Adkins, President, OEM Division.

The reason? The payoff your process requires may dictate the package. In automated cutting, for example, where the wire is pulled, stopped, cut, and then pulled again, taking wire off a reel can be a problem. Starting and stopping a heavy reel rapidly and repeatedly is difficult to manage. With drum packaging, there’s no rotating reel to accelerate, and when the tension is relaxed, the wire stops immediately. Applications that pull wire at a slow, steady rate are also well-suited to wire feed from drum packaging.

Get fast delivery on many drum options
Drum packages come in two basic sizes. A 50-gallon drum is about 30 inches high, and a 75-gallon drum is about 42 inches high. Weights vary. A 30,000 foot drum of #18 AWG wire weighs about 200 pounds. A 16,000-foot drum of 12 AWG wire weighs about 370 pounds. Southwire routinely ships drums of copper conductors from #18 up to #10 AWG, with THHN, TFN and TFFN insulations, and custom configurations are easily available.

“Ninety percent of our drum-packaged products are in stock at our service centers and available for shipment in one or two business days,” says Adkins. “Custom orders take longer, of course, but we have accelerated our drum package process to deliver custom orders in two-weeks.”