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Cut Working Capital Needs with Leading-Edge Distribution

Good Supply systems can reduce the cost of putting wire and cable on your manufacturing floor.

What can outstanding vendor distribution do for OEMs? How about

  • Reduce inventory holding costs,
  • Simplify supply chain management, and
  • Make it easier to track wire and cable usuage?

    "Southwire's network of Master Service Centers adds value to OEM operations in several ways," says Robbie Blackmon, Southwire vice presidnent of customer service and logistics. "We're currently shipping wire and cable products to OEMs in markets including automotive, lightning fixtures, power distribution and control, appliances, and industrial equipment, plus harness maufacturers for all those industries and more."

    Southwire's Master Service Centers are large warehousing and shipping centers supplying the wiring components you need to build your products. In most cases they run 24-hours a day, and some of them run seven days a week.

    Location cuts your inventory
    OEMs located in all parts of North America are finding they can reduce on-site inventories with rapid deliveries from Southwire's broad line of wire and cable. Locations, in Toronto, York, Pennsylvania, Atlanta metro area, Orlando, Dallas, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles ensure that you're never far from in-stock products in a wide range of packaging options.

    There is a Southwire Service Center one trucking day away from most industrial areas, or two days at the maximum. You get the benefit of drawing from an inventory of local stock. Frequent deliveries from a conveniently located Master Service Center  lets you maintain less on-site inventory and reduce your working capital requirements.

    Services for OEMs help you succeed and grow in your market
    OEM customers get special attention from Southwire. Service Center teams work with OEMs on inventory and delivery strategies that can reduce your overall cost of doing business. You can order products with specialized packaging designed for manufacturing processes. Special loading instructions let you unload trucks in a sequence that matches your manufacturing work flow. Customized tagging for your order can identify wire and cable for individual phases of your manufacturing operation.

    Leading-edge shipping accuracy
    "Our warehouse management systems and infra-structure are foremost in the industry." Blackmon says. "We operate highly automated, paperless warehouses using leading-edge technology." That's why Southwire enjoys a reputation for very high inventory accuracy and minimal shipping errors. Combining orders for multiple products from a Southwire Master Service Center can save you money in purchasing admininstration, shipping costs, receiving and inventory control.

    Get a pipeline to manufacturing
    The professional management staff you'll be working with at Southwire Master Service Centers includes MBAs, engineers, and highly trained specialists. Your Master Service Center management team becomes a close point on contact with Southwire maufacturing.

    Southwire is the largest wire and cable manufature in North America, with industry-leading consistency in quality and specifications. "We're a 50-year old company with well-known financial and business stability," Blackmon says. "You can count on Southwire as a long-term supplier."