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Southwire Commissions new SCR Rod System in China

Southwire Company commissions another new SCR copper rod system in mainland China. Commercial production began in April at the plant site of Jiangxi Copper Alloy Materials Company Limited in the Jiangxi Province, Guixi City, China.

This system is the second SCR® Copper Rod System commissioned for Jiangxi Copper Alloy Materials Co. Ltd. in the last three years, and it is the eleventh SCR® Copper Rod System installed in mainland China. The SCR 4500 is designed with a production rate of 35 tonnes per hour and is capable of producing 220,500 tonnes of rod per year. Jiangxi Copper Alloy Materials Co. Ltd. is currently part of the SCR User’s Group, the world’s largest ETP copper continuous-cast and roll user’s group in the world.

"Jiangxi Copper Alloy Materials Company Limited’s second rod mill was successfully installed, started-up and commissioned in a short period of time due to the good working relationship between Jiangxi and SCR Technologies," said Will Berry president of SCR Technologies. "We are pleased that Jiangxi Copper Alloy Materials Company Limited had the confidence in the SCR process to purchase their second system from Southwire."
The project included the supply of all operating equipment, from the furnace loader to a finished rod handling system. The Southwire SCR team provided the design and equipment for the Southwire shaft furnace system, which consisted of a loader, melter, holder and launder system. The Southwire SCR team also provided the design and equipment for the casting machine, automatic metal pouring system, bar preparation unit and computer monitoring system. Southwire supplied all the equipment for these systems except the fabricated steel assemblies of the Furnace System and the bar preparation unit.

Morgan Construction Company provided the design and manufacture of the rolling mill, the rod delivery and cleaning system, the rod coiling system and the conveying system. Southwire and Morgan have worked together for more than 40 years to supply state-of-the-art continuous rod systems to the copper and aluminum industries. Siemens Electric USA provided the electrical controls for this system, KM Europa Metal AG (KME) supplied the copper rings for the casting machine and Richard Apex supplied the emulsions.

Southwire has sold 74 continuous-cast SCR copper rod systems worldwide and plans to commission three additional systems within the next year. The SCR continuous-cast system is the world leader because of its ease of operation, lowest operating costs and highest operating efficiencies. Rod produced on SCR systems is of the highest quality and meets or exceeds all international standards.

In addition to copper rod mills, Southwire also sells SCR systems to produce EC, electrical alloy, and mechanical alloy aluminum rod. Southwire operates four of its own SCR systems, including a copper SCR system in Carrollton, Ga. and three aluminum SCR systems in Hawesville, Ky. that produce EC, electrical alloy and mechanical alloy aluminum rod.

Southwire is North America’s largest building wire manufacturer and one of the world’s leading wire and cable producers. The company’s products include copper and aluminum rod, building wire and cable, utility cable products, industrial power cable and flexible power cord. Southwire is the expert on continuous-casting rod systems. Nearly 80 copper and aluminum SCR rod systems have been sold around the world.