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Southwire Finalized Alflex Acquisition

Southwire Company today finalized its acquisition of Louisville, Ky.-based Alflex in a move that combines Southwire's strengths as a leading, innovative wire and cable manufacturer with Alflex's wide array of metal-clad (MC) cable and flexible conduit products.

In the stock purchase agreement, Southwire acquired all of Alflex, including manufacturing facilities in Long Beach, Calif. and Rocky Mount, N.C. Both plants produce a variety of armored cable and flexible conduit products for residential, commercial, industrial and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets. Alflex formerly was a subsidiary of Commonwealth Industries, Inc.

"Acquiring Alflex is the next step in our long-term strategy to aggressively grow our building wire business," said Stuart Thorn, Southwire's president and CEO. "It adds to Southwire's reputation as the best choice for customers seeking a complete line of quality products from the industry's lowest-cost provider."

Customers will enjoy the benefit of Southwire's complete product line with quick fill rates and lead times, allowing them to be more profitable by lowering transaction costs and increasing inventory turns. In addition, Southwire has created an ordering system that cross references both Alflex's and Southwire's product numbers, helping to ease the transition for customers accustomed to ordering a specific set of products from Alflex.

"The transition should be nearly invisible," said Jack Carlson, president of Southwire's Electrical Division. "We've developed a clear brand strategy that merges each company's products into a single family. In addition, we've built adequate inventories to ensure a seamless transition and continuation of the excellent service customers across the country have come to expect from Alflex and Southwire."

Carrollton, Ga.-based Southwire entered the MC cable market in 1998 to provide the most complete line of MC products. Since then, it has become a leading producer of MC cable, a market in which company officials see strong growth opportunities.

"Demand for armored cable continues to grow because of  proven and substantial cost savings it provides over more traditional installation methods," Carlson said.  "By bringing Alflex into the Southwire family, we offer customers a single source for MC cable and flexible metal conduit products, while continuing to provide the highest level of service, quality and innovation."