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SOLONON® Jackets Improve Mechanical, Chemical and Flame Performance
Jacket compound is alternative to CSPE and CPE

If you buy or specify power cable, Southwire’s SOLONON® jacket compounds provide a better solution for most industrial applications. The non-halogen, low smoke SOLONON jacket offer an improved level of safety and reliability for power cables than traditional CSP or CPE jacketed cables.

The Advantages Add Up

When SOLONON is compared with chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSP, i.e. Hypalon®) or chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) jackets, the advantages add up:

Reduced Smoke Hazards

SOLONON compounds easily pass UL’s tough Limited Smoke Test to win an LS-Rating where CSP and CPE jackets fail.

Improved Flame Retardancy

SOLONON jackets offer superior flame retardancy to traditional CSP and CPE jackets  (Test is “Limited Oxygen Index”) so the cable core is protected from flame longer because of a higher level of resistance to burning. This will help to minimize the human risk and indirect fire damage from smoke and halogen gases (i.e. transformer or switch gear fire) normally found in CSP and CPE jackets.

Higher reliability in Conduit Installations

SOLONON jackets offer a lower coefficient of friction than CSP, reducing pulling tension in conduit installations. This results in reduced risk of damage to cables during installation.

Better Moisture Resistance

SOLONON compounds exhibit much lower mechanical water absorption than CSP, resulting in a better moisture barrier for the cable core. This means a longer cable life in direct burial or underground duct applications.

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