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SC Puts More Power Down the Corridor

Covered Aerial MV Puts More Power Down the Corridor

Sometimes a right-of-way is just a tight squeeze for a distribution circuit. If you're running a 46kV line down an urban alleyway, there simply may not be room to leave safe clearance around bare conductors on insulators. CAMV can help you out - and Southwire can help you with all the accessories and know-how you need to simplify the project.

In a CAMV installation, molded triangular spacers hold the three phase conductors about 15" apart. Placed about every 30 feet on a span, the spacers are supported from a steel messenger wire.

Use CAMV in tight quarters and near trees

"Covered Aerial MV lets you run distribution circuits in tight quarters," says Cory Somes, product manager for Southwire's Energy Division. "It also lets you put more power down an existing right-of-way. Where three individual conductors on the cross arm of a pole provide a single circuit, you can hang a spacer cable bundle on each end of the same cross arm and double the circuits going into an area."
The CAMV cable itself is an aluminum conductor protected by a layer of track-resistant polyethylene. These non-shielded, covered conductors should be handled like bare conductors during installation and operation.

CAMV is also useful where trees crowd the right-of-way. Cutting back branches to clear distribution conductors is a costly, recurrent maintenance operation, and severe trimming can generate complaints from residents. CAMV’s covering prevents direct shorts and instantaneous flashovers if a tree limb brushes the wire. That permits tighter clearances that reduce tree-trimming budgets - and complaints.

A complete line of accessories simplifies spacer installations

Southwire's CAMV is available in conductor sizes from #4 AWG to 795kcmil, covered with track-resistant polyethylene (XLPE). The key to an easy installation is ready access to the proper accessories and know-how.

It's important that spacers and other accessories that come in contact with the wire covering have the same dielectric constant as the covering, to prevent creating partial-discharge locations. In addition to appropriate spacers, Southwire supplies a complete line of supports, arms, brackets, clamps, tie-wires and pin insulators that guide the spacer-cable span around bends.

Southwire can also help CAMV customers with engineering support, including recommendations for conductors and hardware, sag and tension calculations for the messenger wire, and installation advice and equipment.

Somes concludes, "CAMV can deliver cost-effective solutions to common application problems. And you can get everything you need for the installation - including expert engineering advice - as a part of Southwire's family of transmission and distribution products. This complete line of products is another example of Southwire listening to customer requests and meeting customer needs."