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Southwire Solutions for Agricultural Irrigation

Southwire Solutions for Agricultural Irrigation

Whether you need direct burial or cable in conduit to power irrigation pivots and other agricultural equipment – or need to prevent copper thieves from stealing span cable and damaging equipment, crops, and profit – Southwire has a solution. In partnership with Paige Electric, Southwire is bringing award-winning SureSeal® 600V direct-burial cable, customizable SIMpull® Cable-in-Conduit, and theft-deterent Proof Positive® span cable to pivot dealers and farmers across the country.

Self-sealing SureSeal®: Your Ounce of Prevention

Lightning strikes, shovels, digging machinery, and burrowing animals can easily damage conventional aluminum or copper cable. Even the smallest pinhole incision allows moisture to seep in, corroding the cable and ultimately causing power failure. This results in huge costs for locating and replacing the failed cable, not to mention the damaging effects to crops as a result of the lack of consistent watering.

Pivot dealers and farmers are now turning to SureSeal from Southwire as a solution. SureSeal is a self-sealing cable that contains channels of a visco-elastic sealant that flows into insulation breaks – blocking corrosion-producing moisture, reducing outages, and preventing costly cable replacements.

SIMpull® Cable-in-Conduit: Protecting the Power Within

You trust cable in conduit for its ease of use and reliability for powering irrigation pivots and other agricultural equipment. Now, Southwire brings a new approach to this proven product. Unlike other cable in conduit products, Southwire SIMpull® Cable-in-Conduit components are manufactured and assembled simultaneously, further protecting the cable from damage. In addition, SIMpull® Cable-in-Conduit is available in a variety of conduit sizes and cable configurations to fit your requirements. When your job requires cable in conduit, choose Southwire SIMpull® Cable-in-Conduit to protect the power within.

Proof Positive® Span Cable: Agriculture’s Best Defense Against Copper Theft

With its value holding above $3/pound, copper is one of America’s fastest-growing cash crops for thieves—and irrigation pivot cables are an increasing, and costly, target. In addition to damaging equipment and preventing scheduled irrigation, stolen span cable costs farmers thousands in replacement costs, insurance premiums, and lost profit. Already proven to help utilities deter copper theft, Southwire’s Proof Positive® technology now offers a solution for pivot dealers and farmers: Proof Positive® Span Cable. With bright yellow jacketing, Trace ID™ codes printed on a tape inside and 24/7 online tracking, Proof Positive Span Cable delivers the critical proof of ownership needed to stop copper thieves.

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