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Aluminum Riser MC™ Cable

Unlike traditional choices of pipe and wire or standard MC cable for vertical installations, Aluminum Riser MC cable offers the contractor the most productive method for commercial vertical installs over 10 stories.  Riser MC™ cable eliminates the need for any type of special conductor supports or offsets because of an internal polymeric binder under the armor that holds the conductors in place.  It’s a far cry from past methods, which are more labor-intensive and costly.

Traditional Pipe & Wire Installs

Pipe and wire is a time-consuming process involving bending conduit, installing completed conduit run (including boxes for vertical support), and pulling wire through the conduit.  Next, the contractor must then support the conductors, using conduit wedges, supports, or offsets.  

Traditional MC Cable Installs

Another alternative is MC cable.  While standard metal clad cable is a popular choice over that of pipe and wire for vertical cable installations, it still is no match for the ease and efficiency of Riser MC cable. 

Riser MC Cable Installs

Users are taking notice of the many benefits of Riser MC™ cable, and it’s easy to see why.  With Riser MC cable, there are no offsets, no need for additional clamping devices or supporting methods, and there are no limits to height or vertical drops, making it the ideal product for retrofit spaces.  Because of this, Riser MC cable has become an attractive product choice for condominiums, casinos, hotels, office building and sports arenas.  Aluminum Riser MC cable is manufactured using AlumaFlex® AA-8000 Series conductors and is available in 1/0AWG through 750 kcmil. 

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