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Aluminum MEGA MC™ Cable

Switch to aluminum, everybody’s doing it!

You already know the savings associated with the switch from pipe and wire to MC cable for branch circuits. Just think what using aluminum feeder size MC cable will do for your bottom line.

By switching to aluminum feeder MC cable, you can reduce your total installation costs by 50% on every job. Check out the list of benefits that come from eliminating costly time- consuming pipe and wire installations.

A reliable alternative to copper

Since 1968, when Southwire developed 8000 series aluminum alloy, we set the standard for aluminum building wire. Since then we’ve been making and you’ve been installing it homes, industrial facilities and commercial buildings across the country.

Here are a few benefits that come from switching from pipe and wire to aluminum MEGA MC cable.
• Up to 50% fewer installation steps
• Pre-assembled and pre-tested
• Lighter weight
• Flexible, unlimited bends
• Lower material costs
• Ideal for vertical applications
• Available with PVC jacket for direct burial and encasement in concrete

Finish faster, reduce labor costs and move on to the next job with ADDED BENEFITS from Southwire.

• Products are in-stock and available for immediate ship
• Oversize grounds for parallel runs
• Low and high voltage colors eliminate the need for phase taping, creating a safer, faster and easier installation.
• Triple e# 8000 series aluminum alloy conductors