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The OPS Culture at Southwire

OPS or Operational Perfection at Southwire is an operating philosophy based on the principles and fundamentals of lean manufacturing. These management philosophies, described as “Lean Thinking” or “Total Quality Management,” are based on proven successes utilized at world class manufacturing companies. We have taken many of the concepts from these very well known and successful management systems and merged them into the Southwire culture creating Operational Perfection at Southwire.

The fundamental mission for the OPS culture is to create value for Southwire and for its customers by identifying and eliminating waste. The waste can be anywhere along the Supply Chain, including how our customers use, install or dispose of the products we supply. The OPS culture begins with a relentless drive for perfection and a constant focus on the details. We apply these fundamentals to the products we make, how we deliver them and even in how they are utilized by our customers. We build in to our products and processes the elements needed to ensure we remain leaders in quality, cost and service. Striving for optimum efficiency in all that we do allows us to maximize our output using minimum resources, thus making OPS a sustainable culture. It is also through the culture that we are able to provide safe, enjoyable and engaging work environments for our employees.

There are seven core principles in the OPS culture:

1. Safety - Avoiding injuries will always come before everything else. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
2. Flexibility - Equipment and processes designed to meet changing customer expectations.
3. Visibility - Just by looking around, it will be obvious what must be done.
4. Flow- Production will move continuously in response to customer need.
5. Total Employee Involvement - Everyone is encouraged and expected to: Team together, contribute ideas and be agents of positive change.
6. Orderliness - Create and maintain a clean, organized workplace. Follow clear standards and procedures and protect the environment at every turn.
7. Fix Problems Once & For All – Eliminate repetitive frustrations by finding the root cause and correcting it.