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Charlotte Bobcats Arena




Feeder MC is MVP at Charlotte Bobcats Arena

Designed as the new home for the city’s NBA expansion team, Charlotte Bobcats Arena is a high-tech, high-energy venue in the middle of downtown Charlotte,North Carolina.

The bowl shape of the arena—configured to give basketball fans an intimate,close-up view of the game—made a typical pipe-and-wire installation difficult,if not impossible. But it was no match for Southwire® Alfl ex® feeder MC cable.

Changing the rules of the game.

 While its design recalls the warehouses and textile mills that were once common to the area, the 20,000-seat,  $200 million Charlotte Bobcats Arena is decidedly state of the art. It boasts themed galleries, LED  signage and the nation’s most technologically advanced electronic scoreboard. The arena also features a circular shape that challenged the conventional pipe and-wire method of electrical installation. To efficiently and effectively accommodate the many bends required, the architects specified that feeder MC cable would essentially “wrap” the bowl-shaped structure.

Fast and flexible.The flexibility of Southwire® Alflex® feeder MC cable made it the perfect solution for Charlotte Bobcats Arena. Unlike conduit, feeder MC is not restricted to a certain number of bends. It’s also easier to install, requiring fewer tools, fewer workers and significantly less time. Working with the electrical distributor, Southwire supplied copper and aluminum feeder MC cable, branch circuit MC cable and MC fittings, along with aluminum, copper and non-metallic building wire, aluminum SER wire, even pulling sheaves and radius rollers.

Service and support. Southwire’s nine manufacturing facilities and master service centers often play a pivotal role in supplying product to this type of project. With storage space on

the Charlotte Arena job site at a premium,Southwire was able to use the closest service center to stock and supply the product on an as-needed basis. Prior to installation,  Southwire application engineers conducted a complete walk-through on cable pulling routes. They identified potential problem areas and determined the best mounting locations for radius rollers and sheave wheels.

Time left on the clock. The initial feeder pulls consisted of 11 initial pulls requiring four-conductor, 750 kcmil feeder MC. Each of the pulls was almost 700 feet long and included four 90-degree and several 45-degree bends. Since MC cable installs in 5 easy steps, versus 14 for pipe and wire, the first pull took only 20 minutes, even though this was the contractor’s first experience working with feeder MC. All in all, it took a little over a day to make all 11 pulls—something that, according to the contractor, would have normally taken two weeks to accomplish. To learn more… For more information about Southwire’s complete selection of feeder and branch circuit MC cable, contact us at 1-800-237-4585 or visit