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Busch Stadium



St. Louis Cardinals hit one
out of the park with feeder MC

The 2006 Major League Baseball season ushered in a new chapter in Cardinals history with the opening of new, state-of-the-art Busch Stadium. Integrating the $365 million stadium in the heart of a city mindful of tradition, made the idea of traditional pipe-and-wire installation like batting; bottom of the 9th, bases loaded with two outs. Despite the odds, Southwire® feeder MC cable was able to step up to the plate and hit a grand slam.

Take me out to the ballgame.

New Busch Stadium is all about the details - just like the game itself. Boasting numerous major-league amenities, including luxury clubs and meeting areas such as Casino Queen Party Porch, Coca-Cola Scoreboard Patio and the Ford Plaza, as well as a Family Pavilion with free batting cages and pitching  achines, the Stadium brings fans closer to the game than ever before. And secures Busch Stadium’s place among the top echelon of MLB ballparks. The open-air Stadium consists of three main seating decks with 16,586 fi eld level seats, 3,682 bleachers, and 2,886 standing
room only seats, and offers fans views of downtown St. Louis, the Gateway Arch and St. Louis’ historic courthouse while they enjoy the game. Additionally, Busch Stadium was designed to accommodate everything from Cardinals to football to the circus. Thus, to effectively accommodate the sheer enormity of the stadium install, architects
specifi ed custom-designed feeder MC cable to pinch-hit for the project.

Service and support.
The stability of Southwire feeder MC cable played a critical role in the construction of Busch Stadium. Unlike conduit, feeder MC can be bent to accommodate any angle or incline. It’s also easier to install, requiring fewer tools, fewer workers and significantly less time. Working with the electrical distributor,
Southwire supplied made-to-order PVC jacketed copper feeder MC, custom jacketed
copper circuit MC and 15kV industrial power cable.

Since the stadium install called for much of the 150,000 lbs of cable to be encased in the  concrete foundation, Southwire designed custom 10/8 and 10/12 cable to facilitate the job. This saved a considerable amount of time, since builders did not have
to construct the typical  supporting structures necessary for pipe-and-wire.

One for the record books
Southwire’s reputation as a one-stop-shop for building wire and cable  layed a pivotal role in the time savings associated with this project. For the project, the contractor coordinated with Southwire’s local service center to create and supply all necessary copper feeder MC cable and electrical wiring on an as-needed basis. The rising costs of copper was of tremendous concern. Since feeder MC cable reduces the number of workers necessary to do the job and requires less equipment to install, the  contractor was able to recover their losses in no time, and consequently supplement the cost of copper. When paired with the tremendous time savings feeder MC cable provides over conventional pipe-and-wire, the contractor was able to cut  overall installation times by 50%. A fact that made this  project a real home run for both the Cardinals and the contractor.

To learn more…
For more information about Southwire’s complete selection of feeder and branch circuit MC cable, contact us at 1-800-237-4585 or visit http://www.southwire.com/