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Best of Both Worlds: TPE and Rubber

At Southwire, we’ve long been known for our expansive product line.  But did you know that within our broad family of cord products we offer both rubber cord and TPE cord?  

Southwire’s Viper® rubber cord products deliver the exceptional quality demanded on job sites and on the factory floor.  Manufactured for maximum performance and durability, Viper® cord stands up to extreme heat and cold and resists oil, chemicals, abrasion and other hazards found in these tough operating environments. 

If you’re looking for industrial-and-contractor-grade cord products, Southwire offers Quantum TPE® cord.  Quantum TPE® cord is ideal for flex applications in harsh environments where the highest degree of oil resistance and extended service life are essential.  Typical applications include wiring for industrial machinery, washing machines and various other large appliances, heavy-duty tools, motors and temporary electrical power and lighting installations for construction sites. 

So whether you’re looking for rubber or TPE cord, you find them here at Southwire, where we’re offering you the best of both worlds.